What Does your Flooring Say About Your Business?

Most businesses have developed a brand.  They have a color scheme and a logo that convey who they are to the general public.  Business owners and Marketing professionals will try to create a voice so that even their content conveys their brand.  But what about your building?  The colors, textures, and furnishings in your building send a message about your company as well, and it should be consistent with the rest of your brand.

Laminate flooring is typically seen in facilities where there are high volumes of traffic. While you are subtly telling guests that you are on the go, if you aren’t careful with your selection, you might imply that you don’t care much for décor.  Laminate flooring is also the most likely to feel clinical or inhospitable.

Carpeting is a mixed bag.  The standard office carpet of the past has been thin, bland, and designed to high coffee stains.  This sends the message that you’re just like everyone else.  Plush carpeting, on the other hand, emphasizes comfort, while carpet squares lets people know you have an eye for design and creativity.

Solid and engineered wood often merge efficiency with class.  Visitors aren’t likely to read into the low maintenance aspect, though your cleaning staff will certainly appreciate it.  The rich colors and the very grain of the wood flooring make a statement that your organization is strong, reliable, and long-lasting.

CDC Distributors has the perfect flooring option for any business model or brand.  From hardwood to cork to carpet, we sell beautiful floors.  Contact us or one of our sales reps to find your flooring solution.


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