The Timeless Designs Brand

At CDC Distributors, we only offer you the best when it comes to flooring. Not only do we carry top-quality brands, we offer our own private label, Timeless Designs. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “How is this any different from another line?” Read on, and you’ll find out what makes Timeless Designs, well, timeless.

It all starts at home. You begin your day in your home and the end of your day takes place at home. But, when your home isn’t the level of cozy you want it to be, the start and end a day there can make the day seem not as satisfying. When you think of relaxation and comfort, what your feet are walking on may not necessarily come to mind first. But with Timeless Designs, comfort and quality are just two of our top priorities.

With any and all of our collections, we want your floor to be durable, elegant, the right price and, of course, comfortable. Regardless of what type of flooring you’re looking for in a home, if it comes from Timeless Designs, it will be of the topmost quality and the right fit for your budget. As we carry a variety of options, there is certain to be a floor that will make your feet happy.

Timeless Designs only uses the best materials for all of the floor options we offer. But just because we use high-end materials for our products doesn’t mean you have to pay more. No, the floors at Timeless Designs are all high fashion, high value. Browse through the options to see for yourself that these floors not only have an air of elegance about them, but they even hold up to the toughest footsteps (that includes pets!).

There is a durable and affordable floor for you at Timeless Designs. We offer countless varieties of solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, laminate and carpeting. Don’t think floor can be elegant? Just take a look at the types of wood we carry and even the colors for each variety of floor. We know there is something that will be stylish enough for your home.

That about covers how floors from us are different than a competitor’s brand. Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting floor for your whole house, or just need to update the floor in a kitchen, our options are endless. Timeless Designs floors are elegant but durable. And that’s what makes them timeless.


CDC will represent the full line of Harris Wood-branded engineered and Harris cork flooring products. CDC’s distribution footprint includes Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri,

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