What Does your Floor Color Say About You?

Last month, we discussed what your flooring texture says about your business.  Much of those same principals could also be applied to your home.  In the same way, when someone enters your home or office, the colors you’ve selected make an impression.  Gone are the days of brown carpet and white linoleum.  You have options, choose wisely!

Browns– Earthy tones are more traditional flooring colors.  They generally make guests feel welcome, while inhabitants are viewed as reputable and conservative.

Yellows and Oranges – Invigorate your guests as they enter with these energetic colors.  Orange or yellow flooring inspires creativity and cheerfulness, but don’t go overboard, as it can be overwhelming.

Greens & Grays – These colors imbue balance and calm.  Guests might view you as composed, but they could also view you as boring.

Reds – These bold colors invoke power and passion.  Depending on the setting, red flooring can make a room feel warm and soothing or bright and animated.

White – For flooring, white shouts perfectionism and, some may even say, impracticality.  This can certainly draw admiration, but it can also feel detached and sterile.

Black – Black floors make a statement, and that statement is assertiveness.  While some might perceive this as elegance and dignity, more conservative guests will see you as tasteless and rebellious.

Purples – Not surprisingly, purple flooring can leave guests with an impression of authority and luxury.  Owners might be viewed as appreciating the finer things in life, artistic, and unconventional.

Blues – There is a broad spectrum of shades of blue to choose from, but generally speaking, blue flooring calls to mind wisdom and fresh-thinking.  Guests are likely to perceive you as inclusive and compassionate.

Keep in mind, when it comes to choosing carpet colors, you’ll still want to match you carpet to the room, or vice versa.  Also, factor in the setting.  There are some settings in which more mundane colors are the best bet, while others times a little flair goes a long way.  For help choosing the best color, texture and all around flooring, contact a CDC sales rep today!


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