Choosing a Type of Carpet

There are clearly different varieties of wood used in solid hardwood floors. While carpet doesn’t use different species of wood, the floor does have different textures, cuts and materials used in its creation. It may seem overwhelming at first, having countless carpet choices to choose from, but it won’t be with this handy guide. Here we have listed some of the common carpet styles to help you decide which works best in your home or office.

Berber Carpet

You may have heard of or have seen this carpet style and didn’t even know it! Berber is also known as loop pile carpet or uncut pile carpet. The carpet fibers in Berber carpeting are looped on the surface of the carpet. Because of the fibers being looped instead of standing straight up, Berber can withstand some heavy foot traffic, but it may not be comfortable for your feet. This carpet style is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Textured Plush Carpet

This type of carpeting is easily one of the most versatile types available. The fibers included in this style are short and densely packed, which creates a surface softness your feet will love. Though it is soft, because of the texture and desnity, this carpet won’t show any vacuum marks or footprints. Since the fibers used in this type of carpet are twisted into spirals, they do not reflect as much light as straighter fibers. Also because of this, textured plush carpets don’t have a huge impact when a heavy object is placed on top of the carpet. Although it is plush, the spirals and texture of this carpet can make it a great choice for a room with high traffic.


Otherwise known as shag carpeting, the Frieze of today isn’t like the carpeting depicted from the ’70s. The fibers used in this carpet type are slightly twisted and kinked creating a carpet that is soft to the touch and has curls popping up all over the surface of the floor. You may be thinking since this is a soft carpet, it may not hold up well in high-traffic areas. This is not the case and a decided improvement from the ’70s; Frieze carpet is actually a highly durable variety of carpet that can bear foot traffic in both residential and commercial settings. Plus, did we mention it hides dirt and wear more than other carpet styles?


Last on our list is Saxony style carpet. The fibers in this variety do stand straight up and are not curl nor looped like the predecessors on this list. As the fibers stand straight up, Saxony carpet is a very plush carpet; one of the softest carpets available. However, because of its plushness, vacuums and furniture can more easily bend this carpet’s fibers out of shape. It is possible that footprint and furniture impressions can be left in Saxony carpets. Because of this, we recommend Saxony carpets only to be used in areas of low traffic, perhaps a bedroom.

When choosing a carpet for your home or office, the possibilities are numerous. It’s key to know what kind of carpet you’re looking for: do you need one to hold up to high foot traffic? Are you looking for something to cushion your feet? What carpet can handle pets? While there are numerous options, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming when looking for a new carpet. Keep this handy guide in mind (along with your budget!) and your feet will be thanking you for the new carpet.


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