The Key Element to an Eye-Catching Kitchen Remodel

If you’re preparing to get your home market ready, consider upgrading your kitchen and bathroom.  Those are two of the main ways to give your home the makeover it’s craving and increase your number of prospective buyers.   One of the best decisions you can make to update your home is to find an eye-catching, durable, low-maintenance style flooring.  The right flooring has tremendous appeal to prospective buyers and may help you cinch the deal!

There are so many flooring options available that deciding on the best for your home might seem to be a daunting task.  If we take a look at a few of the main options, it may provide a little better clarity and direction:

Vinyl flooring will probably be the most affordable option.  This is a great choice if you’re seeking a low-budget and ease in installation.  Vinyl flooring can refresh the atmosphere of an outdated home.  Updating the vinyl floor in a kitchen can even make the home appear better cared for and maintained.

If your goal is a more finished look, you may prefer to refinish the kitchen with tile flooring.  Tile flooring will look a little more modern and give the kitchen a more polished look.  Just be sure to choose something larger than the twelve inch tile.  12” tile is starting to look dated and may not help you achieve the desired result.  It’s also helpful to select porcelain tiles instead of ceramic because they will not chip as easily.

The best impression for prospective buyers tends to not be tile or vinyl though.  If you’re really looking to catch a buyers attention, wood flooring generates the highest appeal.  Wood floors can be an absolutely striking element in bringing the picture perfect kitchen together.  While they do cost considerably more than the previous options, they are also quite practical.  When you invest in a hardwood floor, you’ve invested in flooring that is easy to clean and maintain.  Wood floors can also be refinished as needed, so they have the potential to far outlast tile or vinyl options.

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