The Colorful World of Carpeting

You’ve finally decided on the flooring you’re going to install, carpet. But, there’s just one thing you didn’t plan for when choosing the new floor for your home or even for the office: color. What color should I choose? Not only do the types and styles of carpet vary, but there is also an bewildering variety of colors available. Sure, beige and tan are great neutral colors, but there are also bright, vivid colors that can make a space more enticing. See our top color picks below.


As stated above, beige and tan are often the go-to colors when looking for a neutral-colored flooring. But neutral doesn’t mean boring! Your thoughts may immediately go to the carpet that was used in your living room growing up, but there are other neutrals as well. Browns can range from the lightest of the light to a deep chocolate, and grays can range from light to a deep charcoal, giving you a wide berth when deciding what direction you want to go. And, as 2014 saw a rise in popularity of natural fibers used in carpets, neutral colors have benefited from that popularity. Beige, tan, gray, brown, etc., neutrals give you more freedom in a space as you can choose bright and forward colors for bedding, walls and other décor with a neutral floor.


Sometimes used as the wall color in bedrooms or even in yoga studios, blue is associated with calmness and tranquility. Having a blue carpet in your home or business can also bring some serenity to an otherwise hectic space. Depending on what you’re looking for, blue can vary from sky colored all the way to a deep navy. Some blues even combine the best of neutrals and blue to give you a slate color. Remember though that lighter colors are more prone to show stains if this carpet is going in a heavily trafficked area. While neutrals give you more freedom to decorate a space with different colors, choosing a blue carpet draws the attention to the floor, making it almost like a focal point in the room. So brighten up that dull office space with a royal blue floor or make the library cozier with a deep blue floor.

Bolder choices

If blue isn’t bold enough for you, then there is no shortage of other rich carpet colors. While 2014 saw the rise of neutral-colored carpeting, we’re predicting 2015 will see the rise of brightly colored carpeting. Reds, greens, deep purples and even oranges are colors that are currently available in modern carpet. These colors aren’t always of the brightest intensity, however. Deep forest green, eggplant purple, red wine and burnt orange are within the color spectrum when looking at these colors of carpet. But if you are feeling daring, brighter options like a fire engine red, leaf green, lilac or tangerine orange, are all available. As the opposite of neutrals, having a brightly colored floor with equally as bright walls may not be the best choice for everyone. For instance, brighter colors may prevent you from sleeping or impact employee focus in a workplace environment. As brighter colors may prevent you from sleeping. Choosing a brilliantly colored, though, floor to go with neutrals walls makes the carpet your focal point and the space just as inviting.

No matter the type of carpet you’re looking for — Saxony, plush, cut-loop pile or even shag — there is a range of colors available in all styles of carpet. Whether you’re looking to make your home a brighter place, want to make a classroom seem more studious or need an office to be more work-focused, the color of the carpet can have an impact on how that space feels.


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