Porcelain Tile Benefits That Every Property Owner Should Know

Porcelain tiles can be a great boon for business and home owners but most are unfamiliar with its benefits. These tiles have excellent aesthetics, durability and strength.

It is a type of ceramic tile that is made from very dense clay that is blended with other natural materials. Baked at much higher temperatures than standard ceramics, it is renowned for its low porosity and uniformity of construction. This makes it an excellent option for radiant heating applications and for spaces that face fluctuating temperatures. Due to their higher density, these tiles will be heavier than ceramic tiles of the same dimensions. These tiles come in many different beautiful styles and shapes.

Investment Benefits

In spite of the higher initial cost, these tiles are a superb investment and cost less in the long run. Due to their high density and low porosity these tiles can last for a long time. If you are a property owner, then you should take a deep interest in this particular benefit as it will greatly improve the resale value of your property. They continue to look as good as new for years and suffer much less breakage because of their durability and long life.

Easy Maintenance

With porcelain tiles, maintenance is quick, easy and low cost. These tiles are tough, look great and are easy to clean. Unlike other tile varieties, there is no need to apply special sealant to keep water out. Water does not damage these tiles so they are ideal or areas where there will be plenty of water like washrooms, kitchens and mudrooms.

Beautiful Variety

Being made from a blend of high density clay and other natural materials, these premium high quality tiles are the perfect complement to home décor. They will impart a luxurious and opulent look to your office and home. You will become proud of your living and working space with these gorgeous tiles. These wonderful tiles can be made to resemble hardwood, slate, granite and marble. Since you have a wide variety to choose from, you will definitely come across a few types that will match your taste and preference. With porcelain tiles, you won’t have to settle with a variety that you aren’t completely content with.

Ideal for High Traffic

Floorings suffer damage from high movement. Porcelain tiles are the most resilient variety and, therefore, highly suited to office environments. Their wear resistance also makes them suitable for your home. If you are a pet owner, you will definitely be concerned about your furry companions damaging floorings with their sharp claws. But you need not worry with porcelain tiles. Their wear resistance makes them suitable for pets with sharp talons and claws. You can throw parties at your home with the comfort of knowing that these tiles will be easy to clean and will show great resistance to high movement rates.

Water Damage

One major problem faced by home owners in colder climates is the issue of tiles cracking from freezing moisture. Water expands in freezing temperatures. This poses a danger to tiles which can crack under the strain. But since porcelain tiles are so firm, they can withstand this stress much better than other varieties. They have higher resistance owing to their low porosity, high density and uniformity. Due to low porosity, there is a much lower chance that water will seep through to ruin the tiles.

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