Laminate Floors: Cleaning Isn’t as Difficult as You Think

Continuing the theme of cleaning methods for different flooring types, the next floor to grace the list is none other than laminate. Laminate floors may have some cleaning methods that are similar to solid hardwood and vinyl floors, however, following all of the cleaning techniques used on those floors isn’t recommended for laminate floors. Just in time for the festive feast of turkey day and winter holiday guests, read on for the do’s (and a few don’ts) when it comes to cleaning laminate.

Vacuuming is OK. However, be sure your vacuum is set to the right setting before cleaning laminate floors, or any floors, for that matter. If you can change the heads or cleaning pads on your vacuum, look for one with a soft bristle brush. While laminate floors are the epitome of durable, it’s still best only to give them a deep clean when absolutely necessary.

Mopping is allowed. Similar to cleaning methods for solid hardwood floors, when cleaning laminate floors, a wet mop is a no-go. However, a damp mop is a perfectly practical choice. If you don’t have any cleaning solutions, a mop dampened with warm water can be used for routine cleaning. Steam cleaners should also be avoided when cleaning laminate.

Regular cleaning won’t take a whole day. Other than vacuuming, for regular, everyday cleaning, all that needs to be done is sweeping or using a dry mop to gather dirt and other impurities. Letting grime sit too long can dull a laminate floor’s finish. Also like with vacuuming, be sure to use the right broom or dry mop – string mops and sponge mops can leave streaks across laminate.

Don’t use cleaning products labeled “mop and shine.” While these products are good to use on other floor types, with laminate, they can leave a dull film on the floor’s surface. Additionally, soap, water, detergents, waxes, polishes, or other liquid cleaning products shouldn’t be used to clean laminate floors. These products can cause damage, such as warping, to laminate.

Finally, whatever cleaning method you do choose, don’t apply the cleaning agent directly to laminate floors. This can cause streaks or stains on the floor’s surface. Instead, lightly spray the cleaning agent onto the mop or cleaning cloth.

If you have an at-home cleaning technique that’s proved beneficial for laminate floors that we’ve missed, share your thoughts in the comments! Until then, tune into next month’s blog for cleaning do’s and don’ts for other flooring categories.


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