Issues with Residential Flooring

Are you ready to the leap into new flooring, but are unsure of where to begin?

That’s okay. We’re here for you at CDC Distributors. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Are you looking for flooring for your home or home like area instead of a business? Then you are looking for residential flooring. Easy enough. We’ve figured out the type of flooring, but let’s see what else we should consider.

You would want to consider which areas of your home you wish to get new flooring for. This is important because there are many factors to consider. We have a list below of some areas of the home and things to consider when choosing flooring for those areas.

    • Kitchen/Bathroom/ Basement Flooring; If you are looking for flooring in one of these areas, you may want to stick with something that you know is water resistant. Obviously, we cannot say with 100% accuracy, that every single kitchen or bathroom out there does not have carpet, but we’d like to think we are coming in close with saying at least 99.99% of them do not have carpet for obvious reasons. Spills and water damage would be the biggest concerns here. Carpet can absorb liquids quickly and if spills are not cleaned up correctly, then damage can begin underneath where you may not notice it. If you’re looking to get flooring done for one of these areas in your home that may see a spill or water leak from time to time, you’re better off with vinyl flooring.
    • Living Rooms/ Play Rooms; if you’re looking for flooring for a living room or play room, carpet is a popular choice. Carpet can be rich in color and soft to the touch so even the little ones wouldn’t mind stretching out on the floor to play. If carpet isn’t always your thing you can consider vinyl, however it is not as soft to sit or lay on and can be scratched or lose it’s shine. However, liquid spills will be easier to cleanup than it would be with carpet. You can always slightly fix the hardness issue with a nice rug or carpet placed on top.
    • High Traffic Areas (example: foyer); As soon as you walk in your house from the outside, you are tracking in whatever is sticking to the bottom of your shoes. That is not a pretty picture, nor is it pretty on your floor. Flooring like carpet would quickly grab onto whatever is stuck on your shoe. To avoid the issue of the ‘ick’ from outside tracking and sticking to your floors, you are better off sticking with easy to clean flooring as opposed to carpet. Vinyl flooring or hardwood flooring is a great choice for these types of areas.

The above is just an overview of areas and flooring to consider for your residential home. We would love to go into more detail with you if you have more questions. Contact CDC Distributors today!


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