How To Keep Your Floor, Carpet Looking Impeccable

Whether it’s dirty shoes, pet accidents or just heavy traffic, your floor can go through a whole lot of abuse on a regular basis. Eventually, this leads to homeowners having to refinish or replace their floors not too many years down the road. Because of this, it’s necessary to take proper care of your floors so that you can extend their life and save money down the road.

Wood Floors
Many homeowners believe that hardwood flooring reigns supreme do to its beauty and strength, but that’s only true until it starts to look worn down from heavy use. On average, these floors are recoated every 5 to 8 years depending on daily traffic, pets, etc. If you want to get the most out of your hardwood floors, don’t wear shoes in the house! They will only track in dirt which will grind away your floor’s beautiful finish. If you do happen to get them dirty, vacuum at least once a week.

Another step you can take to keep your hardwood floors impeccable is to put pads on the bottom of chairs, tables, couches, etc. so that they don’t scratch it up when moved around. Don’t forget to wipe the pads off every now and then as well.

When cleaning, be careful when using steam mops because the heat can damage the finish. As long as you’re moving it around constantly, you should be okay. Just never leave it in one place for too long. Stay away from waxing your floors because dirt will just get stuck in there and lead to buildup. If you really want to get them clean, simply use vinegar and water.

The right carpeting can look and feel amazing, but after a few years of use, it can really wear down and look old. If you want to get the most out of your carpet’s life expectancy (10-15 years), make sure you’re purchasing quality carpet that’s designed for the area it will be used in. For high traffic areas like hallways, stairs, etc. you’ll need a carpet that’s tight and dense. Shorter carpet is best for these areas while thicker carpet is best for areas like bedrooms.

When it comes to maintaining your carpet, make sure you’re vacuuming it regularly and try to keep your shoes off of it as much as possible. You’ll also need to hire a professional cleaner to come in and deep clean it every couple of years. Doing it yourself won’t get the job done properly or efficiently.

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