Got Vinyl? Time to Get Cleaning!

Because flooring is our game (We are a regional flooring distributor, after all), flooring is always constantly on our minds. But the CDC Distributors flooring team doesn’t dream the night away about flooring choices, despite what you may think. This regional flooring distributor does, however, want to ensure everyone has the right floor for their needs, and listing maintenance tips so you have the best flooring possible. But none of that would be possible without regular floor cleaning.

Instead of sighing and realizing you’re still a kid at heart who can’t stand chores, we’re dedicating our next series of blog posts about cleaning all types of floors. Continuing the subject from last month, the first entry on this floor-cleaning extravaganza is tips to clean a vinyl floor.

As any hardware store, home goods store, regional flooring distributor, or interior designer would have you know, vinyl flooring is water resistant, and is essentially impervious to water. But just because some water has spilled onto your vinyl floor doesn’t mean you should let it stand for hours before cleaning it up. For the other (mis-)givings life may throw at your vinyl floor, the CDC Distributors team highlights the best methods to everyday cleaning and those-not-so-frequent spills or messes.

1. For routine cleaning/maintenance, cleaning vinyl floors won’t be a big-to-do chore if you keep them clean on an ordinary basis. The quickest way to get this task done? Sweep. For both sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles floors, sweeping frequently prevents dirt from sticking to the floor. Make sure to use a soft bristle broom when doing so!

2. Another stress-free way of routine cleaning is using a damp mop. For everyday, no-one-spilled-a-glass-of-milk cleaning, using a damp mop keeps both sheet vinyl and vinyl tile in tiptop shape, which is an easy way to keep your floors looking brand new. Just take caution when mopping any vinyl flooring, though, as you want a damp (not wet) mop and warm water.

3. Look for the mildest cleaning option available. Stay away from abrasive cleaning agents, detergents, and “mop and shine” products for any type of vinyl floor. While these may give other floorings a deep clean, if used on vinyl, a dull film can be left on the surface, making a vinyl floor look less than perfect. Likewise, do not use bleach or ammonia to clean sheet vinyl or vinyl tile floors.

4. Also go for the gentlest cleaning tools. As with cleaning agents, the cleaning tools you use on vinyl flooring need to be non-abrasive as well. This means no highly corrosive scrubbers, no steel wool, no waxing, no steam mops, etc. Vacuuming is OK, but if your vacuum has a beater bar, be sure to disengage it when vacuuming vinyl. Or, use the “bare floor” option to prevent any possible damage. The more low-impact the cleaning method, the better.

5. Deep stains, stubborn scuffs, and excess grime can all be cleaned with items found around the house. (Well, depending on what items you have around the house anyway).

6. Food stains — yes, even the set-in, difficult ones — can be cleaned from sheet vinyl and vinyl tile with a mixture of baking soda and water. Gently rub the mixture until the stain disappears. Just, clean thoroughly to remove any traces of baking soda.

7. For scuffs, it comes back to every engineer or fix-it-yourselfer’s favorite, WD-40. Spray some WD-40 (or jojoba oil works just as well if this spray isn’t a staple in your house) on a towel and rub the area gently until the scuffs have been wiped away.

8. A highly effective, yet not abrasive, cleaner for vinyl flooring is none other than apple cider vinegar. It may come as a surprise, but it’s the acidity in apple cider vinegar that works to get rid of excess dirt, gunk, and grime on vinyl floors. Plus, apple cider vinegar doesn’t leave any films or buildups of soap or wax. Combine one cup of vinegar with a gallon of hot water, and use a damp (but gentle!) mop for this cleaning method. Be sure to rinse the mop regularly as you go along you vinyl floor.

For all those kids at heart out there, what do you think: Did your favorite regional flooring distributor hit the nail on the head of ways to keep vinyl floors clean, but not make cleaning seem like a dreary chore? If you have other, beneficial tips for cleaning vinyl floors (including both sheet vinyl and vinyl tile), let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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