Discovering What Floor is Right for Your Bathroom

With the amount of work and time that goes into any remodel project, choosing the proper floor for your bathroom may not only be the last thing on your mind, but may also add some unwanted stress to your project. Knowing what you want may be different than knowing what should go down on those bathroom floors. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some common floor choices to let you know what is a good choice for your feet and what floors may make your feet run away.


This first option on our list is a definite no for any bathroom. While some companies may make carpeting that is sanitary and can withstand a certain level of moisture, we deem this as not a good bathroom floor choice. While carpets are insulators and are great cushioning for your feet, a bathroom has a lot of moisture and can trap allergens or dust. All in all, a carpet is not ideal for a bathroom. You could, however, opt for an area rug if you want to give your feet some plush. Area rugs, like any other floor, will need regular care, such as vacuuming.


Typically seen in kitchens and living rooms, both solid hardwood and engineered wood floors have been on the rise as a popular choice for bathroom floors. With moisture prevalent in bathrooms, some people may be hesitant to install a wood floor. But with the proper treatment and care, wood is durable and will last a long time in a bathroom. Wood floors can be resealed and refinished periodically, extending their lifetime to give you an enduring floor choice. Scratch and stain resistant, wood floors can stand up to almost anything life throws at them. Engineered wood is even designed to resist humidity, which is always a plus in a damp area.


No, we aren’t suggesting that pink tile that was on the walls in your grandmother’s bathroom. There are numerous varieties of tiles out there — porcelain, glass and ceramic, to name a few — and all have their own benefits to being installed in a bathroom. Porcelain tile is denser and more porous than its ceramic tile counterpart. But, both of these tiles are waterproof and extremely durable. Both of these types of tile can also be designed to mimic the looks and textures of natural stone, so you can have that ambiance without the added price. Another floor choice on the rise, glass tile can be installed almost anywhere in a home and is resistant to both temperature changes and moisture. As they are easy to clean and don’t break easily, glass tile can withstand a lot — but can be slippery when wet, so be careful with this floor. Regardless of what variety of tile you choose, all tiles are strong and are going to last when installed in a bathroom. For any tile option you choose, though, be sure to choose one that is certified slip-resistant. Excess water is normal in a bathroom, but no one wants to slip on it.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

A personal favorite of ours, LVT has countless benefits to it. Easy to clean, impervious to moisture, a low-cost option and is available in varieties that resemble stone and wood, this type of floor has it all! Luxury vinyl tile is also resistant to dents, so if a toy gets dropped during bath time or if you lose grip on that hairdryer, LVT can withstand it. Be aware though, textured surfaces are less slippery than tiles with smooth surfaces, so the textured option may fare better in a bathroom. Also, LVT is available as sheet vinyl — that reduces seams like peel-and-stick vinyl has — thus preventing water from seeping under the tiles. Preventing extra water from gathering is always a benefit in our book!
There are many factors to consider when you commence a bathroom remodel. What’s my budget? What is the state of my subfloor? Do I have room for a soaking tub? Don’t let choosing a floor option be the stressful part of a bathroom remodel. While the choice is entirely up to you, these are our choices for what are stylish, yet durable, and tough-to-ware floors.

Have you completed a bathroom renovation or remodel recently? Did you just put down new floors in your bathroom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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