Commercial Flooring Matching the Usage to the Ideal Flooring Choice

Ambiance is one of the most highly rated aspects of commercial spaces like display centers or restaurants. First impressions make a huge difference of what perception customers build about you and your business. The lightning, the wall décor, the layout, the flooring etc. all play a role in developing the overall interior and therefore the customer reaction towards your store. Furthermore, all these bits and pieces have to complement each other and also the theme of your business to bring out a truly mesmerizing aura. Here we list a few commercial spaces and the ideal flooring that you might require for it.

A restaurant
Human psychology studies have established links between color schemes and human emotions. Red, yellow, orange and green are hunger inducing colors. This is why most restaurants, their logos and the interior lightning schemes are made up of these colors. Red and yellow are more popular for interiors. The ideal combinations that go with these are wood or ceramic tiles.

Allowing easy cleaning and installation, wood floors give a unique and attractive finish to a restaurant and the shades of brown go extremely well with the red and yellow lightning schemes. Wood floors are sealed at the joints to minimize liquid seepage and they are also stain resistant if cleaned regularly. The only drawback of a wood floor is the creaking noise when you walk over it, which can be a cause of discomfort to some customers. Besides that a wood floor might be the ideal choice for a restaurant to choose.

Tiles are another stain resistant and easily maintained flooring options that allow much more variation in terms of colors and textures to meet the rest of the layout. The biggest advantage of tiles is that they are much more durable than most other alternatives available on the market today. Their installation process is much similar to that of wood floors.

Display centre
This can be trickier as compared to a restaurant because there might be a wide range of options. Your choice could depend on a number of factors, like what product or service you’re selling, what sort of overall feel you want to create for the customer and how much wear and tear will customer footfall cause to the floor surface. Based on these factors we list a few choices that might fit in beautifully with your product.

IF you’re looking to create a warm and at home feel for a delicate product or maybe a service, carpeted floors are ideal. Carpets usually are heavy on maintenance are they are extremely fragile to stains and dirt and need to be overly protected at all times because once dirty, they spoil the entire ambience and also are hard to replace.

Marble and tiles
Marbles give more of a pleasant and contemporary feel. Like tiles, they come in a great variety of textures and also they can be embedded with inlays to enhance their beauty.

So, looking to build a restaurant, it might be better to choose wood or tile flooring but if you’re building a retail or display centre, your outlet would be better off with carpet or marbles.


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