Carpet for High Traffic Areas

Homeowners love carpet. And who can blame them? Carpet can make any room warmer and more comfortable to be in. But what should you do when you know carpet is a great choice for a room but you also know there’s going to be a lot of foot traffic?

Hallways and stairs are great examples of areas of modern homes that buyers expect to be carpeted but take a lot of abuse in the form of heavy traffic. When you’re replacing or installing new carpet in these areas or a home for clients, choose durable carpets that can better withstand constant use and still look great.

Shag or Berber?

There’s no doubt that we all love the way a thick shag carpet feels underfoot, but is it the right choice for the room you’re working on? If you’re building a high-end home or apartment, or replacing carpet for a couple or individual without children or pets, then shag could be the perfect choice anywhere in the home. But for just about anyone else, you’ll want something slightly more durable.

Berber carpet is made of densely woven fibers designed to repel dirt and debris efficiently. Berber’s low pile reduces matting and helps it retain a beautiful look for longer periods than shag.

Color Matters

We know that Berber carpets are best for high traffic areas or homes with children and pets, but there’s another factor to consider: color. Certain colors will hide dirt better, which will lead to better customer satisfaction. Choose darker colors or carpets with an asymmetric design. Avoid light colors since they will be harder to maintain and more likely to show dirt and stains.

Protect high-traffic areas

If you want to added protection for high traffic areas, consider putting specially designed plastic runners on carpeted stairs and supplying runners along hallways. Not only will they protect the carpet, runners also give you an opportunity to add a little design flare in otherwise bland areas of the home.

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