Alternative Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the “green” movement, or perhaps you noticed that unsightly glob of mold growing ever so larger in the corner of your bathroom. Whatever the case may be, you’ve begun to look into a new floor for your bathroom, but all the popular choices on the market aren’t appealing to your fancy. Luckily for you, as a residential and commercial flooring distributor, we happen to be in the know on all varieties of bathroom flooring choices, including those that may not be the most popular.

Luxury Vinyl

Yes, vinyl seems to be having a moment over the past year. But this moment doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon in 2015. Available in both varieties that mimic the look of wood and tile, luxury vinyl is perfect for a bathroom for this reason: it can stand up to moisture. So if someone has left the water running and the bathtub overflows, you won’t have to worry about replacing your luxury vinyl floor because of its durability. Along with this, an added benefit of this alternative bathroom floor choice is that luxury vinyl is also impact resistant. So don’t be afraid of dropping shampoo bottles, because luxury vinyl is impervious to dents and abrasions. Because of its resistance to moisture, luxury vinyl is also the ideal floor for a basement in a home.

Stone or Concrete

As these are both harder surfaces, you know they can stand up to a certain degree of moisture, naturally. We’re not talking about the stone or concrete floors you’d see on the ground at an outlet mall. These two varieties may be considered alternative bathroom floor choices, but they’re still on the up-and-up. And because they’re on the rise, they have more color options, textures, finishes, and sometimes patterns, available on the market. With so many options available, did we mention how easy to maintain these flooring surfaces are? Both stone and concrete are hard surfaces to walk on though, which is why we recommend them for alternative bathroom flooring ideas; your feet don’t necessarily need to be at their utmost comfortable when in the bathroom or shower. Do be careful though when installing either one of these alternative bathroom floor choices in your home, as when wet, stone floor or concrete floor can be slippery.

Large-Format Tile

Tile is usually what you see in any bathroom in a home in the U.S.A. But what about large-format tile as an alternative bathroom flooring idea? With a plethora of different sizes, shapes, colors, and sometimes patterns currently on the market, you can create a uniform look on your floor or mix-and-match the look to create something that’s uniquely yours. Sizes we’ve seen in this specific alternative bathroom floor choice range from 12 in. x 24 in. to even larger with 36 in. x 36 in. A not necessarily built-in benefit with large-format tile? They have less grout lines to clean, giving you fewer things to worry about when water spills over. But on top of being heavy, know this before purchasing these tiles as your new bathroom floor: large-format tile calls for a perfectly level substrate and typically requires professional installation.

As there are still seven months left to go in 2015, the trends among bathroom floor choices still have time to change. Who knows, we may even see the options on this list crop up as extremely popular in the latter half of the year. But whatever spurred you to get on board with installing a new bathroom floor choice, the team at CDC Distributors is at the ready — and happy! — to help aid in your decision.


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