Advantages and Disadvantages of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Vinyl flooring became common in the years following World War II. When it became popular, it surpassed the previously famous linoleum flooring because of its amazing characteristics. Read on to find out why Vinyl sheet flooring is a good option for your house. However, to help you make the right decision when it comes to flooring, we have also pointed out the drawbacks of such flooring.


Low Maintenance

Not all flooring options are as easy to clean as vinyl sheet flooring. You can clean it by sweeping off the dirt and grit and by mopping it afterwards. Do just this, and you will have clean floors.

Water and Stain Resistant

No flooring is better than vinyl flooring, especially if you are looking for flooring options for your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or any other high moisture space in the house. These floors are water-resistant, so it is not a problem if they get wet.

The barrier on this type of flooring also protects it against stains and spills. And if something falls on it, cleaning is not a problem.


Compared to tiled floors, vinyl sheet flooring does not get cold in the water. Compared to wood flooring, they are more comfortable to walk on. Some vinyl sheets are equipped with a padded underlayer, making them even more comfortable.


If properly maintained and installed, vinyl floors are extremely durable. In fact, it is said that they can last up to ten to twenty tears. The durability of the tiles also depends on the material of vinyl floor and the distributor from whom you buy the tiles.


The price of this flooring is pretty reasonable. The lowest range is around 50 cents per square foot. However, the price varies depending on the quality of the flooring. If you buy them from reliable buyers, then the price might be higher, but the quality would also be better.

In addition, if vinyl tiles do get damaged, you can easily just replace the individual piece. You do not have to spend money changing the entire flooring.

Easy to Install

They are extremely easy to install. The only thing you have to make sure of is that you have a completely flat and dry floor.



Even though the protective layer of the floor protects them from stains, this type of flooring is susceptible to discoloration, especially when it comes in contact with rubber.

If you buy low-quality vinyl flooring, it can become yellow overtime. This discoloration can also take place because of direct sunlight. However, good quality vinyl floors are resistant to this.

Subfloor Damage

You have to make sure that the surface available is completely dry and flat. Small grains underneath the flooring can wear and tear the flooring as the vinyl flooring is relatively soft. These grains may cause lumps on the floor, and you do not want that.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring, you can make an informed decision. If you want vinyl flooring or other types of flooring, head over to CDC Distributors.


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