5 Creative Ways to Let Your Floor Take Center Stage

When considering new flooring many people only think of it in terms of something basic to walk on; a necessity to keep you from falling through into the basement, if you will  J.  Even those décor mavens that think in terms of style as well as function when choosing new flooring may still see it as secondary to the rest of a room’s design.  But in a world where technology and creativity walk hand in hand, when it comes to your flooring design the sky is the limit.

While not all the following will fit in with your home and sense of style, not to mention your budget, think of this as a chance to let your imagination run wild and inspire you when it comes time to choose your new floors.

  • The Coin Floor – you’ve seen it all over Pinterest and on lots of design shows and it seems a bit far-fetched but the Coin Floor is fast becoming a favorite.  Flooring made from silver or copper coins, or a mix of the two, over basic concrete can not only bring a bit of glimmer and glam to your room but it’s hilarious to watch your guests try to pry them up.
  • The Puzzle Floor – Another Pinterest favorite, the Puzzle Floor lends a bit of whimsy while still giving you that classic hardwood flooring look. This one is available in vinyl tile, too, as a more economical choice.  While not exactly new on the design scene, the Puzzle Floor is nevertheless still unusual enough to give your home a unique look.
  • The 3-D Artwork Floor – You’ve seen this a lot in street art over the years, the crazy realistic artwork that gives the illusion of walking on air or falling into a gator pit, etc.  No longer limited to the streets, this option is a wonderful choice if you or a friend are looking for an artistic outlet, or you just have a fun sense of humor.  Imagine sending your guests into a bathroom with a floor that looks like a shark tank.  No?  Too much?  How about a field of fluffy bunnies, then?  The only limit here is your imagination and the talent of the artist you hire to do the job.
  • The Glass Floor – Speaking of falling through the floor . . . just kidding  J.  Glass floors are becoming more and more popular for homes with large open plans that want a modern look.  Used to create a sense of light and air, these hollow glass blocks known as glass pavers are often used in combination with a metalframe.  Some even go so far as to install lights in and around the glass to add warmth or just a bit of pizzazz.  Saturday Night Fever, anyone?
  • LuxTouch – Lastly and certainly not least (especially to your wallet) is the LuxTouch floor.  Encrusted with abalone shell, Mother of Pearl, Black Onyx and diamonds this one will run you upwards of about $270,000.00 per square foot.  Pocket change for some but well out of range for the rest of us.   Instead of this one, consider tiles embedded with glitter as well as a bit of glitter grout.  A good compromise for your wallet and you’re not going to have to be worried about anyone stealing bits of your floor.

While a lot of people may consider flooring to be a less than scintillating topic, we here at CDC Distributors make it our business to not only stay abreast of all the newest trends but we make sure to keep you in the loop and supplied with what you need to give your customers exactly what they want.  Contact us today to find out more about our outstanding products and services.


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