4 Tips for choosing the right flooring

As a homeowner who concentrates on the décor of the room, you must know that flooring plays an important role in creating the right feel, look and ambience in a room.

Your lifestyle, the amount of traffic that will be endured by your floor and your budget are all important in making the right decision about the perfect flooring for your home. Whether you wish to renovate or choose flooring for a new home, these tips will help you in choosing the flooring that you’ll love.

1. Lifestyle
The way you and your family members live in the house is the most important factor to consider when choosing flooring. For example, if there’s heavy traffic, kids, pets and is quite active- plush carpet would not be an ideal choice. For areas that experience heavy traffic, resilient flooring like wood, ceramic tile or vinyl flooring is best.

If your house doesn’t experience heavy traffic and you wish to enjoy softness under your feet, area rugs or carpeting may be an ideal option for you. There are several options for you to choose from, so make sure you choose the one that meets your needs.

2. Location in House
Flooring at your home’s entry should have that ‘wow’ factor in it, but it should also be durable. If rain, mud and snow can come in when someone enter your home, you should opt for durable flooring like tile, wood or slate. You should place entry mats outside of your home to prevent outdoor elements from coming into your home. In bedrooms, you should consider comfortable flooring. Flooring in bathrooms, laundry and utility should be water resistant. Laminate wood and hardwood are not suitable for these areas as damage can result from high moisture.

3. Budget
All floor types have quality grades. Berber carpet that has small and big tufts is more expensive than synthetic carpet. The more durable or plusher the carpet is the more expensive it’ll be. When you’re choosing carpet, don’t forget the carpet pad that’ll not only make the carpet more comfortable to walk on, but also make it last longer. Slate, marble and ceramic is usually more expensive as compared to carpet.
Tile doesn’t require much maintenance and mostly doesn’t need replacement, unless it breaks. Laminate and wood flooring is now more affordable because of new products coming into the market.

4. Eco-Friendly
If you’re an ‘eco-warrior’ who fights to make this world a better place by using everything green, you might like flooring that not just looks great, but is environmentally friendly as well. Consider cork flooring, bamboo wood and recycled tiles. Each one comes with unique properties, for example, cork flooring works well for absorption of sounds, but it isn’t good for your wife’s high heels! If you have a loft type home, exposed concrete flooring is also a great choice as it is good for the environment.

If have made up the decision about the type of flooring you want after going through these tips, the next thing you need is top quality flooring products. At CDC Distributors, we provide several types of quality flooring products that are sure to meet your needs.


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