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Helping your customers make the environmental choice is easy when you introduce them to Harris Cork flooring for residential or commercial spaces.

Harris Cork flooring options provide all the comfort and beauty of a hardwood floor, but with additional benefits to the planet and your customers.

Harris Cork  Flooring  Offers  Comfort

Natural, air-filled pockets in Harris Cork flooring act as shock and noise absorbers, making cork flooring comfortable to walk on keeping even large spaces quiet. The air-filled pockets also help prevent heat loss, which means warmer spaces without additional heating.

Harris  Cork  Flooring  is  Sustainably  Harvested
and  Naturally Pest  Resistant

Cork oak trees are rapidly renewable, offering more than 20 harvests over a 200-year period. Cork trees never have to be cut down, unlike hardwood varieties - every nine years, the bark of a cork tree is harvested by hand, without ever harming the tree.

When you install Harris Cork flooring for your customers, you can feel good about the fact that cork flooring will naturally repel common pests, is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, is mold, mildew and rot resistant, and is hypo-allergenic.

When your customers choose Harris Cork flooring, they are helping to preserve forest habitat, reduce green house gases, and are contributing to plant and animal diversity.

If your customers are attempting to achieve LEED status, let them know that using Harris Cork flooring can earn them four Leed points.

Harris Cork flooring comes in four beautiful collections: Santa Cruz Collection, Sierra Collection, Sonoma Collection, and Napa Collection. Each exhibits the prized qualities of cork flooring but has a unique personality that helps to define the style of the room.

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We are headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, but we have auxiliary offices in Louisville, St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Springfield, Indianapolis, and Grand Rapids.

In the last 40 years we have grown to supply flooring to states across the Midwest. But one thing has always remained the same: our dedication to our customers. We only carry the highest quality products and we always work to our highest values as a company.
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CDC Distributors, Inc. is a flooring distributor headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (with locations in Louisville, St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Springfield, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, and Evansville).

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