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Timeless Designs

Timeless  Designs™ 

What makes a house a home? First and foremost, it’s family. Each day begins at home and ends at home. Making sure the place where you spend the most time with your family is exceptionally relaxing and has an air of enchanting comfort is what Timeless Designs™ is all about.

Johnsonite  by  Tarkett

Johnsonite's mission is to integrate design and life-safety into flooring and stairwell solutions to create more productive, safer spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and add to our customers’ economic success.
Tarkett Commercial

Tarkett  Commercial

There are many reasons why pairing with CDC Distributors is beneficial to your business. Besides the fact that we have numerous locations throughout the Midwest and that we partner with a group of ‘influencers’ to ensure our products’ quality, we also carry the best brands the flooring world has to offer.

Azrock  by  Tarkett

Azrock by Tarkett As a flooring distributor for both residential and commercial settings, we here at CDC Distributors only want to distribute the best flooring options for our customers.


SCHÖNOX GmbH is manufacturer of quality products for building and renovation industry that supplies professional workers (tile layer, floor layer, parquet layer, interior decorator, painter) through retailers and wholesalers with tile adhesives, floor adhesives, grouts, leveling compounds, screeds primers and waterproof membranes.

Venture  Carpets

Canadian made carpet tile? Venture Carpets is proud to be offering this fine line of carpet tile products made here, in Canada. This collection comprises 5 new products: Baltic, Bolivia, Maui, Galapagos, and Venice.
Tarkett Residential

Tarkett  Mainstreet

Tarkett provides integrated and coordinated flooring and sports surface solutions to professionals and end-users that measurably enhance both people’s quality of life and the life-time return of building facilities.


CDC Distributors, Inc. is a flooring distributor headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (with locations in Louisville, St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Springfield, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, and Cleveland).

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