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There are many reasons why pairing with CDC Distributors is beneficial to your business. Besides the fact that we have numerous locations throughout the Midwest and that we partner with a group of ‘influencers’ to ensure our products’ quality, we also carry the best brands the flooring world has to offer. That’s why we partner with Tarkett. This isn’t just because their products are of a great quality; we partner with them because of the ideals within their company.

Sustainability Strategy

Geared for long-term success, corporate sustainability is important to Tarkett. Feeling they have an environmental responsibility, a social responsibility and a corporate governance, Tarkett has created a strategy for all of these aspects to ensure generations to come will have a thriving planet. Within the company’s sustainability strategy, Tarkett has designed products that use reusable material to have a minimized impact on the environment; has become involved with local communities to develop and empower those communities; and they have ensured long-term profitability by having transparent corporate policies. Tarkett wants to create not only a balance between people and the planet, but also a balance with profit as well.

Operational Exellence

The World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program has been integrated into the company’s production sites since 2009. WCM isn’t just limited to the U.S.; Tarkett has the program function in its production sites worldwide. The company rolled out the program not only wanting to improve customer satisfaction and products’ end results, but to see some competitiveness among its production sites as well. The WCM program is about making sure the work environment is safe and productive, and yet still makes sure product quality is its best and assures the customer is satisfied.


Like with their sustainability strategy, Tarkett’s goal for the environment is for future generations to have a hearty planet. That’s why the company not only looks at ways to reduce negative impacts on the earth, they also seek ways to positively contribute to the environment and to people. As of 2011, Tarkett started the Cradle to Cradle philosophy where products are designed for perpetual reuse from the beginning of the process. Along with this philosophy, Tarkett takes environmental responsibility seriously by focusing on the steps of a product’s life cycle. Tarkett starts with materials that can be reused or are biodegradable; then has resource stewardships (such as closed-loop water systems) implemented in manufacturing plants to optimize the use of those resources; also ensures the well-being of people by ensuring their products can improve air quality in the spaces the products are used; and finally, Tarkett recycles their resources to not only reduce waste, but to also design new products with those recycled materials.

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