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High quality flooring products aren’t just limited to the floor you see and walk on. This ever-expanding category of products includes the subfloor as well. Though the subfloor itself may not be seen, it has the significant role of housing electrical wiring, plumbing and other services, in addition to providing proper support for your floor. As CDC Distributors knows all of those services are crucial in order to keep your household running, we don’t offer any sub-par subfloor products. We work hard to give all of our customers the best brands available, which is why we distribute HPS Schönox subfloor products. And it’s not just the quality items this company manufactures that makes us think highly of them, it’s also because of the principles and environmental standards they uphold.


Innovation drives HPS Schönox in the U.S., as this company works each day to improve their products, find more direct solutions and even research new ideas. HPS HPS Schönox, the North American brand, has its roots with the HPS Schönox that was founded over 120 years ago in Germany. The North American subsidiary shares the heritage of its German parent, sticking to the same principles and striving to be innovators in the industry. One way they go about doing this is by being completely transparent with their customers, associates and stakeholders. HPS Schönox makes sure that not only are their products transparent for those who wish to view them, all of their practices are transparent as well. Any information a person would like to know about their products or their operations is available on their site. Besides being open about their practices and operations, HPS Schönox is open to hearing from their customers as well. This is a company that listens when someone has a suggestion and wants people to know their feedback will impact the company - it won’t just be filed and dismissed like other companies may do. At HPS Schönox, people can directly speak to company associates when they have something to say. But most importantly, this is a company that works to improve their products. If there is a way to improve a subfloor product, HPS Schönox works on developing that improvement because they’re focused products that are made to last.

Duty to the Environment

Since their products are meant to last lifetimes, it’s good to know that HPS Schönox takes their duty to the environment seriously by having products that are environmentally responsible as well. Along with the main subfloor products HPS Schönox makes, they also make a wide variety of other items including primers, repair products, floor leveling compounds, adhesives and waterproofing materials - all of which the company uses environmentally friendly methods to produce. And they want you to know how seriously they handle this responsibility by manufacturing all of those products under the strictest quality standards. Certified under the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management standards, HPS Schönox is a company that demonstrates that they are earnest in wanting to improve their products and their impact on the environment and the world. With ongoing research and development into their methods, products, air quality and the overall environment, HPS Schönox works constantly to ensure that these flooring solutions that are going into your home or workplace not only perform well, but also leave little impact on the world. One of the ways you can see how HPS Schönox goes about doing this is through the research they have done on air quality. This company ensures its customers and potential customers that every single primer, moisture mitigation product, self-leveling compound and adhesive they sell are LEED certified as Low-Emitting Materials. What does this mean exactly? A LEED certification means that these products have low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) characteristics, meaning everyone can rest well with HPS Schönox products installed. Not only do the products HPS Schönox assembles outperform the others, but you can be confident they are gentle on the environment as well.

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