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High quality flooring products aren’t just limited to the floor you see and walk on. Sure, homes, commercial sites and everything in between need high quality floors that aren’t just run-of-the-mill. For a floor, but also, a small accent space or even a wall that needs durable, yet eye-catching, elements, the team at CDC Distributors knows the right brands and the right products ideally suited for the job. That’s why we have partnered with Maniscalco. For stone, glass and metal mosaics this is the company to complete the look. It’s not just the unsurpassable, striking products that Maniscalco makes that made us proud to partner with them; their duty to the environment and sustainability principles within their company also has us thinking highly of them.


With a wide array of stone and mosaic products meant for both walls and floors, Maniscalco is no stranger to products made out of natural materials. All of Maniscalco’s products have one of two recycling logos on them, depending on the components those products are comprised of. Because of irregularities or breakage, materials that were deemed unusable for their original intended purpose can be recycled instead of thrown away. As these materials can’t be used for their original purpose, they are recut and repurposed to be used in another way. Maniscalco’s products that fit this description are labeled “Contains post-production recycled material.” This type of product typically isn’t awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points, but is an important conservation technique nonetheless. For products that are made of materials that were originally sold as a different item, they are labeled “Contains post-consumer recycled material.” These particular products may be LEED-point eligible. The amount of recycled content that is in the product varies from product to product. Taking pride in giving their customers the best products and seeking to give new life to older materials, Maniscalco is a company who takes their duty to the environment seriously.


Along with recycling, Maniscalco tailors their operations to be “green” in every way they possibly can. In order to continue being environmentally conscious, the company practices many conservation efforts at their Australian headquarters and at their United States warehouses. Besides having numerous products made of recycled materials, Maniscalco uses timers on all lights and fans; they use recycled paper in the majority of their marketing and recycle all paper unused at the end of the day; the company ensures all wood byproducts and scraps are recycled; and they pack and ship their glass, stone and mosaics with recycled packing peanuts with repackaged boxes, all while upholding their high standard. Maniscalco even has available on their website a document listing all of their products and the percentage of recycled content each product has. Though the amount of recycled content is different from product to product, glass to travertine, marble to slate, being transparent and making this information available to consumers has this company setting the “green” bar high. Recycling and taking even the smallest steps toward being more environmentally conscious - all while creating products that are made to last - are what makes this company a worthy partner.
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