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While we are a flooring distributor, that isn’t the only thing about us that sets us apart from our competitors. At CDC Distributors, we are dedicated, work tirelessly and have a passion for superior customer service, as well as, high quality products to ensure our customers receive nothing but the best. That’s why we distribute Johnsonite products. The company’s innovations and sustainability show that Johnsonite goes above and beyond what you expect from a flooring company.


As a part of the Tarkett Group, Johnsonite is proud to follow similar guidelines as Tarkett does when it comes to “going green.” Johnsonite is pro-active rather than reactive when considering the environment. Johnsonite follows the Tarkett-inspired closed-loop design. In that closed-loop, Johnsonite chooses good quality materials for the designs of their products, they use resources in operations responsibly, they look after the health and well-being of the people during product use and maintenance, and, they recycle at end-of-use to eliminate waste. Tarkett and Johnsonite actually want all of their products to give back to the environment during the whole lifetime of that product.

Beyond an eco-friendly life cycle for their products, Johnsonite also actively takes on other responsibilities pertaining to sustainability. The ReStart program reclaims samples, products and installation waste to help eliminate landfills. The ReStart program takes these materials and finds ways to reuse them, which can be in other long-lasting Johnsonite products. Tarkett considers themselves to be a leader when it comes to sustainability. The group has been implementing sustainability ideas and innovations since 1948 when the three-layer parquet floor was created to minimize the use of hardwood. More recently, the Tarkett Group’s iQ products have been given Asthma & Allergy Friendly™ certification. With countless sustainability programs and ideas, Johnsonite and Tarkett continue to be leaders in the protection of the environment.

Continuing  Education

Investing in its own people makes Johnsonite a superb company to partner with because they care about their employees. Johnsonite University also provides continuing education courses that its representatives teach, which promote professional development. But these courses aren’t limited; they are open to any participants and are free of charge. Including course offerings such as sustainability courses, floor safety courses and how to specify resilient flooring, these continuing education courses open up the world of flooring for people to learn about. Also, these courses are available online or can be taken in person.
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