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Our name may still reference that we were once all about flooring products solely in Ohio, but we now provide flooring products to areas of the Midwest that are well beyond Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus. We also verify that the flooring products we choose to distribute, that will be integrated into your home or office, are durable and elegant. While some companies may just choose what’s the least expensive, our team does the research to ensure we only provide our clients with best floors and flooring materials from the inside out.

Green  Policy

What began as a small, family lumber company in 1898, Harris Wood has focused on high quality hardwood flooring for more than 117 years. Though the company has always had a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, when they turned their attention to the residential factor, their commitment expanded to the environment as well.

Both Harris Wood solid hardwood and engineered wood floors are carefully selected from specific species of wood, which includes both domestic and imported species. What makes these species good candidates for the Green Policy? Harris Wood only has their floors made from timber that was harvested from sustained forests. The century-old flooring company ensures that the forests their timber comes from have followed strict preservation and replenishment programs. Made of hypoallergenic, biodegradable materials, Harris Wood takes its commitment to the environment one step further by confirming that throughout the manufacturing process, there are no toxic wastes generated during production.

Eventually acquired by Q.E.P. Co. Inc. in 2010, Harris Wood continues to create wood floors, creates newer cork and engineered wood options, and has been FloorScore® certified under Q.E.P. Co. A voluntary and independent program, FloorScore® tests, and thus certifies, the components in a floor to confirm that floor and its materials follow stringent indoor air quality emissions. And since their start in 1898, Harris Wood hardwood floors have been - and continue to be - made in the United States.
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CDC Distributors, Inc. is a flooring distributor headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio (with locations in Louisville, St. Louis, Columbus, Detroit, Springfield, Indianapolis, Grand Rapids, and Cleveland).

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