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As a flooring distributor for both residential and commercial settings, we here at CDC Distributors only want to distribute the best flooring options for our customers. With multiple locations throughout the Midwest, along with quality assurance, we partner with only the best companies to give you the best floors. That’s why we partner with Azrock. Not only are Azrock’s flooring products of high quality, but also their commitment to the environment is of high quality.


Besides making floor that is long lasting and environmentally friendly, Azrock takes the environment seriously. The company aims to make floors affordable and practical for their customers. With tile products that have pre-consumer recycled material used in their composition, Azrock is looking to help improve indoor air quality over generations to come, as well as offering products that are reusable. Plus, besides using pre-consumer recycled material in their products, the company now has new technology that permits for a post-consumer tile recycling program, so all resilient flooring tiles can be properly recycled.

Manufacturing Plants

Having products that are environmentally responsible isn’t enough for Azrock. They have their manufacturing plants follow international standards as well as use advanced systems to keep all parts of the process eco-friendly. All Azrock manufacturing plants follow the ISO 14001 standard, which is an international standard that sets out requirements, like a prevention of pollution, for an Environmental Management System. Along with following ISO 14001, Azrock has its plants taking strides in other ways to make them more environmentally friendly. Manufacturing plants use T5 fluorescent bulbs in 40 percent of their production areas to conserve energy; cooling water used in plants is filtered and recycled; tile products use recycled materials; and the production process uses internal recycling in a closed-loop process.

Reuse Reclamation Program

Along with being eco-friendly to the environment, Azrock enables its consumers to be eco-friendly when choosing the company’s products. The Architectural Sample Return program allows customers to return flooring samples back to Azrock’s recycling center in pre-paid packaging. The samples sent to the recycling center will either be reused or recycled. Along with this program, Azrock offers their Contractor Sample Return program. A similar concept, this program enables installers to return adhesive-free installation flooring waste to the company’s recycling center in pre-paid packaging. Can’t find postage? Don’t worry; Azrock offers pre-paid postage on their site for anyone who wishes to utilize their reuse reclamation programs.
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